Jim Koch MD is an ATP pilot, CFII, MEI,  and FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).  His goal is to help airmen navigate the FAA medical certification process and help keep you in the left seat.  Schedule an appointment for your exam below.

If you have a medical question you would like to review, you can contact Dr. Koch at:

Cell: 703-856-6665

email: N5JKOCH@gmail.com

Otherwise, you must first enter your medical history in "MedXPress". The FAA allows 60 days to finish the AME exam after you receive your "MedXPress" file number.

We are located at Leesburg airport (KJYO) in the Projet building - just off the main lobby. Exams can be scheduled for weekend mornings but call 703-856-6665 if you need to schedule for a different time.